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Renaissance Woman

I can't believe I actually have 3 followers on this account--more than any other blog I have! Sad, eh?
Well, since I have 3 followers, I feel obligated to update. Here's a post from my Livejournal graphics community, Parfumeries.
Renaissance Woman

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Magazine: Marie Claire
Issue: October 2009
Model: Emina Cunmulaj
Photographer: Ruven Afandor

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Wow, summer's almost over!

I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog. Well, i got two notable issues of Teen Vogue since the last one.

The first one has Emma Watson on it! How fun! She looks great, and the styling is just super quirky cute.

The latest issue had Taylor Momsen on it, which wasn't as cool but I was excited because the BACKGROUND was so beautiful! Central Park in NYC. I want to go there!



I haven't posted in here forever.

Urban Outfitters Summer 2009 Catalog!
Here's the story: I was in Tampa for a math competition but my friend and I were basically unsupervised so we decided to take the trolley on our own into the city. We stopped at this plaza place (not nearly as nice as plazas here). We were like "this is boring..." then found AN URBAN OUTFITTERS STORE! it was amazing. I'd only been there rarely since it's all the way in Gardens here. and I only had $10 so all I could buy was a buddha but I didn't because they didn't have hte golden happiness buddha that I wanted.

SO I picked up a catalog and it's SO beautiful. Here are some scans. Please credit me if you use these scans by linking to this site ( or to my blogger profile :)